Jumio Integration Guide

You integrate the Jumio Platform with your organization’s website, application, or mobile app when you want to use Jumio’s identity verification technology to ensure that your customers are who they claim to be.

Before starting your integration complete the Jumio Integration Prerequisites. Consult with your Jumio account representative for additional information and assistance.

Developing a Jumio Platform integration involves:

  • Implementing a service to obtain bearer tokens for authorizing API requests.

    You can request bearer tokens directly from a Jumio endpoint, or use the Java Client Library to manage tokens for you. See Authorization.

  • Implementing a service to create a new or update an existing account for your end users.

    You can call the REST APIs directly, or use the Java Client Library to initiate transactions for new or existing accounts. See Creating or Updating Accounts.

  • Using the Jumio Web Client, Mobile SDKs, Java Client Library, and/or REST APIs to enable your end-users to upload the required credentials and trigger the workflow. See Credential Acquisition.

  • Implementing a Callback service for handling status notifications about the transactions. See Callback.

  • Viewing or Retrieving Workflow Transactions.